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Re Elect Muriel Bowser Our Mayor 2022 Launch
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"In Washington, DC, our diversity alone does not make us great, but our embrace and celebration of that diversity does."

"As we continue our recovery into 2021 and beyond, we have a unique opportunity to double down on our efforts to put racial equity at the forefront and revitalize systems to ensure a more inclusive and prosperous future for all Washingtonians."


Please consider making a small dollar contribution today to ensure the momentum we have built together continues. Each dollar you give is matched 5 to 1 allowing us to engage more voters in a conversation about DC’s bright future.


Together we have the opportunity to rise to the challenge of the next four years. Stay in touch with us throughout the campaign, as we work to build an even more inclusive Washington, DC.

Thanks for your continued support!


Volunteers play an important role in our campaign. Together we will work to reimagine and rebuild Washington DC into the best city to live and work.


$200 today HELPS Continue the Momentum

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